Options Counselling

RONA Rewards Program

You could help support First Place Options while you do your normal shopping routine!

The card below will entitle each member (card user) to receive an immediate 5% discount on most of the 45 000 items Rona sells at all Rona Corporate Stores. The Rona stores will also accrue an additional rebate on the total purchases of your membership.  This rebate will be paid out at 5% to First Place Options.

An example of how significant your participation can be:
300 members (card users) use the card, with an average spending of $800/year (Rona estimates the average spending to be $1800).
300 x $800 = $240 000 gross/year purchased via membership
5% rebate = $12 000

This discount card may not be combined with any other offer or promotion such as Sale Items, Rona Gift Cards, Run to Rona event, financing and/or Air Miles promotions however regular Air Miles does apply. This is applicable for in-stock merchandise only and not for special order. Rona will donate 5% of every purchase made with the discount/donation card even if the item you purchase is not discountable.

This card is valid at all Rona Corporate Stores

Present your card, print an electronic version of the card or show a picture of this card on your phone to receive the discount and support First Place Options.
E-mail us at info@firstplaceoptions if you would like us to send you a physical card or for more information.