Love & Sex

We’ve all got lots of questions about LOVE and SEX…

(not to mention relationships)!!!

With an industry trying to sell us sex at every turn and constantly getting conflicting messages about the who’s, what’s, and why’s of sex (from friends, family, educators, etc.), we want to make sure you decide what’s right for you – knowing ALL the facts!

There can be TOO MANY tough consequences to decide by chance!

Your sexuality is incredibly unique and valuable! Too often, decisions about sex are made without honestly examining what it means for your relationships and your future.

Whether you’re pregnant, dealing with a pregnancy scare, and/or sexually active, stop to take a real look at your relationships to see if they’re on a healthy path or not

How much do you know?

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Just a few things to think about if you’re already sexually active:

  • Did I choose (completely of my own will and with full intent) to be sexually active?
  • Do we both express love and/or affection in non-physical ways?
  • Is sex used at all to manipulate or hold onto the relationship?

At First Place, we value informed decisions about your sexuality and we respect your ability to choose what’s best for you. Varied experience has shown that dating relationships can be fully satisfying without being sexually active. We encourage it as an option for anyone who’s already been or is considering becoming sexually active – there’s no arguing with its protection for your body! It can also really protect your heart, since those involved in sexual relationships experience deeper hurt during a break-up and may have some other difficult consequences. We want you to make decisions about your sexuality, knowing what risks you’re facing with it and being equipped with the knowledge of another fulfilling option available to you!

Need someone to talk to about your relationship? We offer peer relationship counselling for both those who are sexually active and those who aren’t.
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Did you catch them at the top? Make sure you check out our LOVE QUIZ, our STI FACTS, WORTH IT and info about our PRESENTATIONS!

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