Doula Support

“Thank you for being such a huge part of bringing our sweet little son into this world. Your support, encouragement, love, direction and confidence made me truly believe we could do this as a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). We are so incredibly thankful.” -Patricia

Unfortunately we are unable to connect you with a volunteer Doula at this time.

If you are a Doula, and would be interested in volunteering your services to our clients, please contact us at

Welcome to the Doula home page. Doulas are labor and delivery support coaches. We offer physical, emotional, and advocacy support to you before and after your baby is born. Doulas offer two pre-natal visits that allow you to develop a birth plan and to prepare for your birth experience. We are also there to support you during your labour and delivery, to coach you on the best ways of staying focused and relaxed in order for you to be in control of the birthing and post partum process. We also offer one post partum visit that gives you the opportunity to talk about breastfeeding, newborn care, and self care. Doulas are not medical professionals, however we would be happy to help you look for a doctor or midwife to care for you during this time.

At First Place OPTIONS, all of our services are free and confidential. If you are a current client of First Place OPTIONS and you are interested in being supported by one of our DONA trained doulas, please call us at 613-228-7475 or E-mail

Frequently asked Questions about Birth Doulas