Options Counselling

The best way out is always through.
— Robert Frost

First Place OPTIONS specializes in decision aid support. Experienced and supportive counsellors will help you explore all your pregnancy options.  Our counsellors will support you to make an informed decision and one that is best for you. We do not encourage you to make a decision at your OPTIONS appointment, rather it is a place to discuss your options and gather information to be considered before making a final decision.

We care very deeply about the women we serve. We wish to help, in whatever way we can, those women who are struggling with the difficulties of an unexpected pregnancy.

Considering which option is best for you may be complicated.

  • You may be worried family members will be angry, or will retreat behind an “I told you so.”
  • A boyfriend, lover, or even a husband may not feel prepared for fatherhood.
  • There may be no money.
  • Diaper changing may look like a poor substitute for a promising education or career.
  • Giving up a baby for adoption after going through labour and delivery may seem unbearable and painful.

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy,  you need compassionate and practical help. Recognizing your decision process may be difficult and seeking support as you walk through your options may be the very thing you need. Our decision aid counsellors will help you explore your options at this important time in your life in a confidential setting.

Trained counsellors can help you sort through the issues and choices you are faced with.
They can talk with your partner and your family if you wish.

No medical referrals are made during an OPTIONS appointment.