Options Counselling

Pregnancy Tests

First Place OPTIONS offers a three minute, free pregnancy test, offered as part of our OPTIONS support service.
They’re Free, Fast, Accurate, and Confidential. 

Our laboratory quality pregnancy test is capable of detecting pregnancy as early as 1 day after the first missed period.

You might be pregnant if:

  • You have missed one or more menstrual periods
  • Your breasts are swollen and/or tender
  • You are nauseated or have had a change in appetite
  • You are tired or dizzy
  • You have to urinate more often
  • You have recently gained or lost weight
You can come and obtain a reliable, free & confidential pregnancy test, with the result available in minutes.

Some Questions you might be asking:

Why do I need decision aid counselling?
Am I really pregnant?
How Should I Tell My Parents?
Where can I learn about what to expect during my pregnancy?
What will happen financially?
What about School?
My girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant, what should I do?

First Place OPTIONS not a medical clinic and we do not offer medical advice, counsel, or service.