What about Adoption?


You may have questions about adoption if you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. You might not be in a position to parent right now and are looking for options. At First Place OPTIONS, we can answer these questions and help you understand what this choice could look like for you. Counsellors will explain:

  • Information on how the birth parents select the family that they think would be best for their baby.
  • The difference between “open” and “closed” adoptions.
  • How to prepare an adoption plan.
  • How to make agreements so that the birth parents have contact with their child after the child is placed.
  • What happens if the birth parents change their minds after making an adoption plan or placing their child.

Furthermore, our counsellors will help you explore what adoption looks like today to determine if it is the best plan for you and your child. If you are considering this option, your choices are examined to ensure you will be confident in your decision today and in the years to come. You will be helped through the adoption process to ensure it is the right one for you. You have found the right place!

Birth parents often find planning an adoption for a child can be emotionally difficult. To help, we offer support throughout the entire process and after the baby is placed with the adoptive family. The decision to place a child for adoption can be made anytime during the pregnancy or even after the baby is born.

Contact First Place OPTIONS today to speak with a counsellor to understand your options.

All support is offered at no charge and is confidential.