Post Abortion Grief Counselling
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At First Place OPTIONS, our goal is to provide you with decision aid support for your unplanned pregnancy

How We Can Help

Pregnancy Tests

We offer a three minute, free pregnancy test. They’re Free, Fast, Accurate, and Confidential.

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Decision Aid Counselling

Free and confidential decision aid support for all three pregnancy options.

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Post Abortion Grief Support

We offer group and individual post-abortion grief support no matter how recent or how long ago your abortion(s).

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THRIVE Community Education

We offer an outstanding community education program at no charge to both public and Catholic schools; grades 7 through 10.

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Pregnancy and Parenting Support

We are equipped to care for women facing an unplanned pregnancy regardless of marital status, age, race, or religion.

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Just for the Guys

Your partner has just discovered that she may be pregnant. She’s looking for a solution, but where do you fit in?

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